“Kick’n It in the Cape” Flip Flop T-Shirt


Available in Unisex and Women’s Tees up to 2XL


This cute “Kick’n It in the Cape” flip flop t-shirt will definitely show the locals your state of mind. Wear this to the beach as a cover-up or to dinner as a statement. Better yet, wear the “Kick’n It in the Cape” flip flop t-shirt back home to show off your travels alongside your new tan. Where ever you are, you will feel comfortable in the classic cotton fit on this t-shirt. It will take you back to the time you were kick’n it on the beach in Florida!

Grab this shirt, flip flops, umbrella and your favorite beverage and head to the beautiful Florida beaches!

Check out the 8 Pints Apparel’s ever expanding Coastal and Cape Coral design line here! If you want a great Coastal design without the Cape Coral designation, try this one at our sister store, Hugh Jass Apparel.

This white Cape Coral local t-shirt is available in unisex and women’s styles in sizes up to 2XL. The bright colors give this t-shirt a vintage. The 100% cotton feels excellent on your skin! Make this a wardrobe staple for the beautiful sunny Southwest Florida weather!

These shirts are available in white. Both unisex and women’s styles are available in sizes up to 2XL.


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Women's, Unisex